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"I really like them, and I am always smiling!"
~  Valerie Janiga

Tooth Whitening

A bright white smile gives a boost to anyone’s confidence in today’s world. It is achievable with today’s materials. At Cosmetic Dentistry of WNY, we use the tried and true technique of whitening trays to accomplish the desired result our patients are seeking. We do not use the other treatments that require setting under a bright light for an hour and then having you take whitening trays home.

Teeth whitening can reverse the color change of teeth that can take place over time. The whitening process requires the individual to wear the whitening trays at least 1/2 hour a day for approximately two weeks. Tooth whitening done in this manner is both safe and effective. The whitening trays are fabricated in our office to fit exactly for our patients. These fitted trays are the most effective method for whitening teeth.

The whitening gel is a carbamide peroxide material. The oxygen release from the peroxide is what whitens the teeth. Tooth whitening is the cosmetic treatment that is inexpensive and effective in achieving a white smile.