• Look and feel like your own teeth.
  • They replace missing teeth without reduction of adjacent healthy teeth.
  • Implants can not decay.
  • They are fully cleanable like your own teeth.
  • They preserve bone (without them you will lose bone width and height).
  • Very conservative approach, like orthoscopic surgery, little or no soreness afterwards (as easy as getting a filling done).

Procedures we perform:

  • Broken teeth and associated infections are removed; bone ridge augmentation and regeneration is performed.
  • Computer generated surgical guide are used for perfect alignment of chewing forces and prevention of nerve or sinus complications.
  • Place implant bone.
  • Restore implant with Crowns mostly without any cement into the gum tissue.

Kevin L., after having six implants placed the day before, texted us with the following: "I would not have believed it unless you said it, but on the pain scale of 1-10, I am at .5. Just minor discomfort from chewing on beef chunks last night. Amazing. Truly remarkable. I could not be more pleased!"