Ten Tooth Upper Veneer Crown



A Proactive Approach to Treatment of Gum Disease and Cavity Prevention

Gum disease is a bacterial infection which attacks and destroys the gums and the underlying bone that supports the teeth. It can lead to tooth loss. Symptoms may include red, sore gums, bleeding while brushing and/or flossing, and bad breath.

Our office takes a proactive approach to the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease. Each patient in need of treatment initially undergoes a series of 3-4 weekly visits where we perfect a daily routine for your brushing and flossing. This will reduce bleeding and lower levels of plaque and bacteria left in your mouth.

Disease Control - Perfecting Your Daily Routine

  • Sonicare Essence (electric toothbrush)
  • Anti-bacterial toothpaste and mouth rinse
  • Flossing technique
  • Tongue Scraper

Cavities are caused by several factors. Bacterial plaque left behind by the patient; types of food eaten and a patient's saliva flow and acidity. Cavities can cause pain, unsightly fillings, and tooth loss. Many adults still get new cavities even if the tooth already has a filling.

Our office takes a proactive approach to fighting cavities. Each patient is placed in a category of risk for cavities due to how many past cavities were fixed plus new cavities that are present. 

Cavity Prevention includes:

  • Perfecting home care to clean away plaque/bacteria to an optional level.
  • Diet assessment to determine levels and frequency of cavity causing foods and drinks
  • Application of Fluoride in office or daily use of prescription strength Fluoride or Calcium Phosphate paste and/or Xylitol gum or mints based on the individual's needs.