Ten Tooth Upper Veneer Crown



The Things To Consider When Selecting A Dentist

  • Can you schedule an appointment without waiting too long?
  • Can you be seen the same day if you have swelling, bleeding, or pain?
  • Can you reach the dentist after hours if an emergency occurs?
  • Does the dentist provide dental work care that is smooth, anatomically correct and easily maintained?
  • Does the dentist identify existing dental work that is old, worn, and broken down that may interfere with the effective hygiene or lead to failure because of decay or gum disease?
  • Is prevention emphasized?
  • Is a microscope routinely used in identifying the presence of disease-causing bacteria?
  • Does the dentist keep up-to-date with the latest materials and techniques, such as Laser Therapies?
  • Does the dentist believe that keeping your teeth for a lifetime is an achievable objective?
  • Is the dentist committed to developing new skills by frequently attending education courses?
  • Is the office staff well trained and highly knowledgeable?
  • Is the office team capable to see that your needs are identified and addressed?
  • Is the dentist up-to-date with modern pain control techniques, such as improved anesthesia and sound control?
  • Is the dentist able to offer several options to improve the appearance of your teeth?
  • Does the dentist recognize and address your primary concerns?
  • Do you feel you are seen as an individual with goals and objectives, values and a personality, or are you just seen as another set of teeth?
  • Does the dentist believe that optimum treatment results rely upon achieving a sound, healthy foundation?