Ten Tooth Upper Veneer Crown



Instructions for an Immediate Denture Patient

  • Make arrangements for someone to accompany you to the dental office on the day your teeth are to be removed and your new dentures placed.
  • During the four hours following the removal of your natural teeth, place an ice pack over your lips 15 minutes out of every 1/2 hours to minimize possible swelling.
  • Do not remove the denture yourself. Premature removal of the denture will possibly result in swelling of the tissues which may not allow replacement of the denture for several days.
  • After the denture has been removed by the dentist (at the next day appointment) you will be instructed on how to place and remove the denture.
  • An analgesic has been prescribed to control pain which may occur. Please follow the directions for administration of this medicine.
  • After 24 hours and each time your dentures are removed, rinse your mouth with warm salt water (1 teaspoon of salt to a 8oz glass of water). Clean your dentures thoroughly before replacing them. Do not use commercial mouthwashes or analgesic pastes.
  • Appointments will be made for adjustment of your denture and the removal of sutures.
  • During the healing period your diet should consist of primarily soft foods.
  • After the initial healing your oral tissues must be examined by your dentist in order to detect changes that may require alteration of your denture.